Sunday, December 5

Give Thanks

My family hosted Thanksgiving this year. I, of course, was in charge of the cupcakes. I made a combination of pumpkin spice and carrot cake.

Yes, I still have help

My littler helper in the kitchen still LOVES to bake. I have to watch her very closely...she's finally learned that she can eat them while we work...

Better Late Than Never

Sorry for taking SO long to update. I'm still staying busy in the kitchen...I just seem to never have time to post about my creations. A few cookies I did for Halloween (I LOVE the girl pumpkins)...

Sunday, August 22

Changes to Hello Cupcake!

Sorry for not posting lately. I'm still making cupcakes...but now I'm mixing that with a full time job at Northern Kentucky University advising and teaching. What does this mean for the future of Hello Cupcake!? A few changes, that's all!

A few changes that are effective immediately...
  • I must have at least one weeks notice (7 days) for ALL orders. I simply cannot take orders with less than a weeks notice. After working all day, I have to plan my time...which means I do all of the prep work I can early in the I can bake the day before the order is due. This only works with plenty of time.
  • Each dozen can now only have one flavor. I just don't have time anymore to make dozens of different I hate having to throw most of a batch out (or force my family to eat them)!
Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I still love making cupcakes, and these changes were necessary to ensure that I can continue making cupcakes part-time!

Monday, July 26

Happy Birthday

I've known this guy since he was born. He is a wild little man, definitely a handful, but SO MUCH FUN. He has me wrapped around his finger...and knows it!

He loves cookies, so for his birthday, we did cookies and cupcakes. Trucks are his favorite. He was admiring them...

And then he saw my camera and I got this...

New toys!

He is always on the this is the best picture I could get of him with his cupcake:

Help in the kitchen...

I baby-sat some of my FAVORITE kids the other day...of course we made cupcakes. They had so much fun!

Good-Bye Party

Tie dye cupcakes are so popular in the summer! These were much brighter than they look in these pictures!

And cookies to match...

Monday, July 5

Happy Fourth of July!

Sorry that I am a day late on this post. I was in Florida last week and wasn't able to make any fourth of July cupcakes for this weekend. I did, however, make a few before I left for the USA World Cup game.

University of Cincinnati Cupcakes

For a graduation party...


June is a big birthday month for my friends and family. These are just a few things I made for them:

Bon Voyage

A friend of mine recently left for China for two years after joining the Peace Corps. We enjoyed some delicious lime cupcakes before she left :)

Have fun Chelsea!

Monkey Baby Shower

I made picks to match a baby shower theme. They were simple, but I loved how they turned out!

Saturday, June 19

A Luau First Birthday Party!!


This is a jumbo cupcake...and I LOVE it!



Monogrammed Cookies and Cupcake Picks

These were for a wedding shower...I LOVE how the cupcake picks and cookies coordinate. [As a side note, these cupcakes were chocolate with peanut butter/cream cheese filling, and topped with peanut butter frosting.........they are incredible! I don't even eat cupcakes anymore (unless I'm taste testing)....and I gained weight this week eating the peanut butter frosting with a spoon!]

Baseball and New Boxes!

It's sad how excited I get over new boxes. I FINALLY ordered boxes that hold 2 dozen cupcakes. This baseball order was PERFECT for the new boxes!

And cookies to match...