Tuesday, November 15

Thanksgiving Sale


Pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with cinnamon sugar.

$12 per dozen.

Order for Thanksgiving now. All pick-ups on Wednesday, November 23rd.

Email me with questions/orders: jessica.mandle@gmail.com

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Monday, October 24


This weekend Allison will get married. 

Oh Ally. From high school to my college roommate to my grad school co-worker...I don't even know where to begin. I'll spare the high school pictures. Let's start in college.

And then we grew up (in age at least). 

We graduated (again).

Our boyfriends like each other WAAAAAAAAY too much.

Ally will marry Charles. I approve. 

Last weekend we celebrated their wedding with a couples shower. I did the baking. The theme was "All Things Kentucky"... and this is what I came up with.



Horses with jockeys.

Makers Mark cake (courtesy of Fantasy in Frosting).

And a cute Cats wreath.

Can't forget the personalized napkins.

The shower was a wonderful celebration. Weddings are exciting...especially when you are celebrating old friends. 

I didn't get a picture with Allison and Charlie together...so separate ones will have to do.

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Thursday, October 20

Tie Dye

Two very special 5 year olds celebrated their birthday with tie dye cupcakes :)

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Thursday, September 29

Celia's Wedding Weekend

You may remember Celia from this post. 

Celia got married on September 16th in a private ceremony in Nashville. The following day was full of celebration. The day started with a ladies luncheon at the Opryland Hotel. I designed and helped the mother of the bride with various decorations. I take no credit for the ideas....I simply helped execute :) The invitation...

The Opryland Hotel is simply beautiful. The luncheon was in an atrium outside of the Old Hickory Steakhouse.

The entire lunch was perfect..from the decorations to the meal to the dessert.

The tables turned out great.

The bride :)

I made cookie favors: champagne glasses, hearts and guitars (my favorite)!

And this was at the wedding...

Happy Wedding Celia.

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Monday, September 26

Fall Weddings

I've been busy lately. That's the good news. The bad news you ask? Most of my orders have been re-creations of blog posts in the past. Nothing new or exciting. Were they still cute? OF COURSE. 

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