Sunday, April 25


Just wanted to show how grass frosting goes great with sports-themed picks!

House Cookies

I went to a house-warming party this weekend...knew I wanted to take something sweet....and cupcakes seemed too generic. I decided to make my first batch of house cookies. I tried to match the brick and front door color, and of course added the house number!

Tuesday, April 20

Lazy Afternoon

So....when most people are bored...they take a nap, go on a walk, watch tv....not me! I've been dying to try this new recipe. I was more than satisfied with how they turned out! They are chocolate cupcakes, topped with peanut butter frosting, and then dipped in chocolate! WOW. They are rich, but delicious...

They were supposed to be drizzled with melted peanut butter chips. I have to be the WORST drizzler EVER...every single time I bag ends up exploding. Today was no different. I think I've given up.

Monday, April 19

Handy Manny Birthday

Bridal Shower

Lots and lots of pink! Each dozen is slightly different...

Boy Baby Shower

It seems like most of the cupcakes I make for baby showers are for this was fun...


Princess Birthday

This order turned out absolutely adorable. What 3-year-old wouldn't love these cupcakes!?!

And this was for the birthday girl (a jumbo cupcake)...

New Cookies

These are simple...but would be really cute for a baby shower. Obviously I can do any skin tone...this were just examples. I would normally to the girl's bow in pink...but I was running short on time.

Tuesday, April 6




Hope everyone had a great weekend!

First Birthday

These were for a first birthday (obviously)....they turned out cute!

Margarita Cupcakes!

You have to like margaritas to appreciate these cupcakes. They are made with margarita mix and tequila! I think they would be great for a summer party!