Friday, July 15

Just because this is late doesn't mean I'm not patriotic... just means I'm behind on blogging. I was on vacation for the 4th of July. I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of relaxing. No work. No cupcakes.

No cupcakes = no grocery shopping, no Michael's or Hobby Lobby, no making picks, no cutting ribbon, no putting boxes together, no making frosting, no baking, no emails, no re-arranging contents of the fridge to make cupcakes/frosting fit, no decorating, no cleaning up thousands of sprinkles after decorating, no dishes, no arranging pick-ups....just pure relaxation.

Did I miss cupcakes? Nope. Not one bit. With that said....I'm refreshed. I'm not tired. I feel good and now I'm ready for more orders. I didn't miss cupcakes because I only had ONE week off...and I wanted to enjoy every second of it with my family.

Now getting the 4th of July. I had to make something. As much as I tried to give up baking completely for one week, I just couldn't.  I had to make something special to celebrate the holiday. I baked for fun...and that's something I'm not usually able to do.

Everyone though my (hand-made) topper was my patriotic twist.

And then I cut the cake.

My family and I celebrated the 4th with a classic American cook-out. Hamburgers, hot-dogs, baked beans...all on decorative plates. We ate American flag cake...and tasted THAT much better since it was a flag.

I'm late on this post. I apologize.

Happy (belated) 4th of July.

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Wednesday, July 13


Elmo cupcakes were a challenge, I'll be honest. In the end, they turned out GREAT.

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Tuesday, July 12