Tuesday, March 30

Happy Birthday Jordyn!

So today my little sister turns 18. Wow! Where does time go!?!? When I think of her... I still think of this...

The princess crown in this picture says it all. 18 going on 25....she is sassy, fun, knows what she wants, expects only the best, and LOVES clothes, accessories and great food. She is one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet, but you have to really get to know her to appreciate her humor. She is sweet and kind when she wants to be (or wants something). This is her today....

Sometimes it takes pictures to realize how grown up she really is. I didn't get to celebrate with her today as she was in Louisville for school. I had to do something for her....so I snuck suprise cookies in her suitcase...

I know she loved them! The real celebration will be this weekend, but on her actual birthday, this post was necessary.

Happy Birthday Jordyn Renee!

Thursday, March 18

First Easter Order!

These are fairly basic...but I was thrilled to get my first Easter order. The colors are bright; they make decorating so fun!


These are MUCH brighter in person than they look in pictures!

This one was FULL of glitter...even though you can't tell in the picture...

Baby Shower

This was the first time I got to make cupcakes for a baby shower where the sex of the baby was unknown. I did three dozen minis and cookies (onesies and bottles).

Sunday, March 14

Thursday, March 11

Get Well Soon........and March Madness

Michael was sick this week so I decided to make him cookies. He swears I only made them to advertise on my blog for March Madness.....he knows me way too well :)

So sorry the picture is vertical...my blog will NOT cooperate tonight :( 

21st Birthday

You know you're getting old when your friends little brother turns 21. I'm sure he will like his "beer" themed 21st birthday cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Miles!

Getting Ready for Easter!!!

Each week I'm trying to work on some ideas for Easter. I LOVED how these turned out!

Keep them in mind for your Easter celebrations! More cookies and cupcakes to come!

Just for Fun

These little Westies are on the cover of the cupcake book Hello Cupcake! Of course I had to try them.....and also included a picture of my favorite Westie, Lucky!

Tuesday, March 9

Sunday, March 7

Baby shower cupcakes to match a nursery!

For this order, my goal was to match the cupcakes to the nursery. To show what I was working with, here is a picture that shows the theme of the nursery.

And the cupcakes to match....the flowers were made of fondant and the lady bugs were royal icing.



After shopping countless hours (both online and in stores)....I just wasn't satisfied with the 'congrats' cupcake decorations. I decided to make my own. I printed 'congrats' on a piece of paper and then cut it out and put it on cute scrapbook paper.

These turned out better than anything I have seen in stores!

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday!

I never get sick of kid birthday cupcakes. The colors are bright and I love working with a theme. These were for a two-year-old.

The first dozen were tie dye. The letters were made of fondant.

The second dozen were chocolate with very bright buttercream frosting.

All together....

More cookies...

No cookie orders this week....so of course I used my time to practice. I did a few different ones.
First, I had to make a cupcake cookie...

I found this cookie cutter and wasn't sure if they would really look like a ring. I was pleasantly suprised. These would be perfect for favors at a wedding shower.

Numbers are great for birthday party favors.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my dog Lucky. I had to make a cookie for him!

I have LOTS of cookie cutters to try. I plan on doing a few every week!

Tuesday, March 2

Cake Decorating Class

I recently finished Course 1 of Wilton's cake decorating classes. My sister (reluctantly) agreed to take the class with me. We had more fun laughing during the class than we did actually learning the techniques. Either way, it was a great experience and I'm now talking my sister into taking Course 2! This is my final cake:

The cake was layered with french vanill and strawberry cake, with cheesecake filling and topped with buttercream. MMM!

My sister's cake won the taste test. Her cake was dark chocolate, filled with raspberry mousse and topped with buttercream.