Thursday, February 16

Elmo/Cookie Monster First Birthday

Cookies are a process. 

But the end result is so cute...I can't help but get addicted to cookie decorating...

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Wednesday, February 15

For my sister...

Sent these to my sister in the mail for valentines...

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Tuesday, February 14

Sunday, February 12

Saturday, February 11

Wednesday, February 8


These were for an NKU employee turning 65. I LOVE the NKU cookies. Next time I'll do them without the polka dot background. I think it takes away from the letters and the flame.

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Monday, February 6

Happy Birthday Lisa

I LOVE when I get to do whatever I want for an order. I love it even more when the order is for cookies. I picked the cookie shapes, the colors, the fonts of the words, etc. I had so much fun playing with my KopyKake projector. I also tried a new cookie recipe. Typically I make a standard shortbread sugar cookie. I added some cocoa to make it chocolate. The results were great!

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