Sunday, May 22

Mother's Day

I know I'm late...a lot late. I'm a bad daughter. I didn't do a mother's day post on the actual day like everyone else. That definitely doesn't mean we didn't celebrate though. We had a mother's day weekend that ended with a family dinner.....grilled hot dogs, real potato salad, beans, and cupcakes for dessert. MMMMMMM!

Mom got flowers, a gift card to buy more flowers (that's what she wanted), and a charm for her Pandora bracelet. 

The flowers were from The Secret Garden (I highly recommend). The cupcakes were german her request. This was the first time I have made them and they turned out okay. Here is a close up...

What can I say about my mom?!? She's my bestie, my BFF. We shop, we eat, we watch TV, we make fun of each other. 

And just because I feel I should include the OTHER daughter...I'll put one with Jord in it too. haha. Happy Mothers Day!

Your favorite, 
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Wedding Season

I've done soooooo many wedding shower cupcakes lately.....most of them are very similar (except for a special post I'll share soon).

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It's graduation time again!

Note: Graduation hats are an additional .50 cents per cupcake :)

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Sunday, May 1

more John Deere

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Princess Party

I've said this a million times, but I LOVE making cupcakes for kids. Girl, boy, sports, princesses...I love it all. These pink and purple cupcakes were covered with sprinkles and glitter....and of course princess picks!

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New Flavors!

This week I had some time (and a very nice customer who let me pick her flavors) so I got to try some new recipes!!! 

First I updated my white cupcakes that are filled with raspberry. I baked the filling in the cupcake (rather than adding it after they were baked)... and I thought they turned out much better! You can't really see the flavor in this picture...but this was them...


The other new cupcake I've added to my menu are yellow cupcakes filled with miniature chocolate morsels. MMMMM. I like them with chocolate frosting...

On a different note, I have decided to charge extra for the filled cupcakes. The filling was not  a part of my original pricing structure, PLUS, they take more time to make. A dozen filled cupcakes (see my flavor combinations page for a full list of filled cupcakes) is now $20.

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