Friday, March 30

My Little Sister is 20

Where does time go? 

It makes me feel old to say that, but really.....when did my long-haired, dancing, school playing, Rugrat watching little sister grow up? In my mind she will forever be about 7 years old. Sorry Jordyn, that may never change.

She is now grown up. She's smart, funny, driven, and knows what she wants. We celebrated her birthday BIG this year. WHY? I couldn't tell you. I guess we should celebrate every year of life....that's my excuse for spending way too much money on presents and way too much time on cookies. Birthdays should be celebrated. I mean, you only turn 20 once.

These cookies were Lilly Pullitzer inspired.


Happy 20th Jordyn Renee.

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Wednesday, March 28

Boy Baby (and twins!)

It's baby shower time again (I've yet to figure out why ALL baby showers are in the spring). I love the cookies and the colors.

I'm starting to sell cookies by the tray. The tray below is a small tray (approximately 12 cookies) and is $20. Some cookie trays will vary in price depending on the size and detail of the cookies.

The next cookies were baby shower favors. The mom-to-be is having twins. 

Most people wonder why cookie orders take so long (and why I need so much advanced notice). After I make the dough, refrigerate the dough, roll out the dough and cut into shapes, freeze the shapes, bake the shapes........THEN I start decorating. The decorating is at least a 2 day process! 

Hope that explains why cookies are a process :) 

Come back on Friday...some one special has a birthday....

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