Sunday, August 22

Changes to Hello Cupcake!

Sorry for not posting lately. I'm still making cupcakes...but now I'm mixing that with a full time job at Northern Kentucky University advising and teaching. What does this mean for the future of Hello Cupcake!? A few changes, that's all!

A few changes that are effective immediately...
  • I must have at least one weeks notice (7 days) for ALL orders. I simply cannot take orders with less than a weeks notice. After working all day, I have to plan my time...which means I do all of the prep work I can early in the I can bake the day before the order is due. This only works with plenty of time.
  • Each dozen can now only have one flavor. I just don't have time anymore to make dozens of different I hate having to throw most of a batch out (or force my family to eat them)!
Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I still love making cupcakes, and these changes were necessary to ensure that I can continue making cupcakes part-time!