Sunday, May 23

Hello Cupcake! Cookie

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday

These were SO bright and fun! THe pics (ordered from Etsy I believe) were ADORABLE. I didn't get a picture with picks in the cupcakes because they were too tall to fit in my boxes.

Baby Showers

Lots of baby showers this weekend...

More graduation...


Sports Cupcakes with Matching Cookies

This order was SO FUN. I love the grass with the sports picks and I love how the cookies looked when they were finished and bagged.

Congrats Cupcakes

Sunday, May 16

Boy Baby Shower

I guess I will use this order to display a new summer flavor! Key lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...topped with lime zest! They are soooooooo good...I've had lots of great reviews!

Since the key lime cupcakes were part of this order...I used light blue and lime green as my color scheme.

Truck Loads of Fun

I stole that cute blog title from the invitation for this party. Everything about this birthday party was adorable...I was so excited to make the cookies and cupcakes!

Thank You Cupcakes

I had two different orders this week for "thank you" cupcakes. I can personalize picks for any occasion!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn :)

Brooklyn is one of my favorite 5 year olds! She requested pink cupcakes with butterflies and that is EXACTLY what I made!


Flower Cookies

These matched flower pots at an event. So cute!

Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day at my house...

I won't say that my family is completely OVER cupcakes...however, they don't get excited about them anymore. Still, I thought some coconut almond cupcakes would look great with the flowers Lucky (my dog) got my mom for mothers day. I know this blog is for cupcakes...but these flowers were so pretty...

Mother's Day