Saturday, January 30

Orders this week...

This post has no theme...just a collection of orders for the week. Enjoy!

And my favorites...

And last, this is my new book of order forms...I love it!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 27

Hello Cupcake!...Goodbye Over-Priced Valentines flowers!

I have to admit...I've been excited about Valentines Day! Not for my own personal benefit (even though I've made it plainly clear I want the heart shaped cookie/ice cream cake from Graeters)...but I am thrilled for the cupcakes!! What could be better than lots of pink and red, and of course, heart shaped decorations?!?  The sudden mark-up in the price of flowers is sickening. Why not ask for a dozen cupcakes instead? They are just as pretty, and most important, they are delicious! I am STOCKED with every cupcake / Valenine decoration you can think of, from hearts to lips, to sprinkles and glitter, I can't wait for orders!

Here is a quick preview of some of the cupcakes I have made already:

Or maybe roses are your preference....


Friday, January 22

'It's a Girl' Baby Shower

Luckily I got to use some of my new skills for this baby shower order. I LOVE the roses (my aching hand does not)!!

And the final product...........

Cupcake Class

This week I went to a cupcake class at Fantasy in Frosting in Newport. I learned new techniques...this flower being one of my favorites!

Wednesday, January 20

New Menu, New Prices, New Business Cards!

What a crazy few months it's been?!? I've gone from making cupcakes for fun, to forcing my family and friends to try them, to selling to my friends, to now selling to EVERYONE! My love for cupcakes grows as I spend hours in the kitchen trying new recipes, decorations and techniques. I've added lots of new flavors the past few weeks and wanted to post a complete menu. You'll notice 4 fruit inspired flavors, which I think will be great for events in the coming spring and summer months.

- classic moist white cake, topped with cream cheese or chocolate frosting (looks great in tie dye!)
- milk chocolate cake (or white cake), topped with traditional buttercream frosting
- devils food chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream cheese frosting
- yellow cake, topped with chocolate, cream cheese or buttercream frosting
- coconut almond cake, topped with almond cream cheese frosting
- peanut butter cupcakes, topped with creamy peanut butter cream cheese frosting
- red velvet cake, topped with classic cream cheese frosting
Fruit Inspired
- rich lemon cupcakes, topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished with lemon zest
- moist strawberry cupcakes, topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting
- maraschino cherry cupcakes, topped with cherry cream cheese frosting
- banana cupcakes, topped with honey/cinnamon buttercream frosting
Filled Cupcakes
- white cake filled with sweet raspberry, topped with almond buttercream
- milk chocolate cupcakes, filled with peanut butter cream cheese, topped with milk chocolate frosting
- dark chocolate cake, filled with chocolate/coffee liquor, topped with coffee buttercream frosting
- devils food chocolate cupcakes, filled with a miniature Milky Way candy, topped with milk chocolate frosting

Prices vary depending on customization and decorating involved. In general, each cupcake is $1.25.
- 1 dozen standard.....$15
- 2 dozen standard.....$25 (saves $5!)
- 1 dozen mini.....$6
- 2 dozen mini.....$12
Any order with fondant lettering will increase the price above by $2. Additional prices for other decorations will be determined when the order is placed.

NEW BUSINESS CARDS these are supposed to be a suprise...but I'm so excited that I couldn't wait!

Sunday, January 17

1st Birthday!!!

Normally I do not have "favorite" cupcake orders...however...these were SO MUCH FUN! I loved the colors, the polka dots, and of course, the birthday girl was absolutely adorable!

First, the cupcakes.

I know this is a cupcake blog...but...I was the party planner...and I wanted to show off some of the decorations!

Last, but of course not least, the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Addison :)


These are fairly normal birthday cupcakes...still very cute!

'Congrats on your New House' Cupcakes...

"Congrats" cupcakes are sometimes a challenge. I was pleased with how these turned out...

Monday, January 11


For the record....I am NOT a lemon person. I don't like lemon head candy, lemon ice, lemonade, lemon in my tea...I think you get the point. HOWEVER, these lemon cupcakes are delicious! The lemon flavor in the cake is light, more of a rich lemon flavor than a tangy lemon. The cake is topped with the cream cheese frosting and lemon zest. Mmmmm!

Sunday, January 10

More Help...

When days get busy.... I can NEVER turn down free help. Even this little guy likes to help me in the kitchen. How can I say no to this face!?!

New Way to Eat Cupcakes!

So....if you've ever experienced a Hello Cupcake! know that they are sometimes hard to eat. The piled-high icing always seems to make the cupcake "flop" (as my sister would say) off the plate. I got creative, and this is the new way to eat cupcakes. Believe me, they are much better eaten out of martini glasses! Pictured below is the peanut butter topped with peanut butter cream cheese.

More Birthday Tie-Dye!

Forgot to turn on the flash....these were bright pink, yellow and purple!

Friday, January 8

Monster Truck Jam Birthday

What a fun order!?! Kid birthday parties allow for lots of color, creativity and fun decorations. These turned out great!

First dozen: tie dye topped with cream cheese and fondant decorations.

Second dozen: chocolate topped with buttercream.

More Mini's!

Mini variety: chocolate (peanut butter filling) topped with peanut butter cream cheese, banana topped with honey cinnamon buttercream, and coconut topped with with almond cream cheese!