Tuesday, April 26

Half Easter, Half Birthday

Most of my Easter orders were similar...this one was half Easter, half birthday. I loved them!

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Sunday, April 17

Remember my helpers???

Both of my little helpers are 2 now. Do you remember them? This was a year ago...

One year olds were easier...I have to admit. Now, they HAVE to help when they see me in the kitchen. As soon as the mixer starts, little feet start running. And now they ask questions...OH THE QUESTIONS. What color is that? Can I do it? Can I put this in? Can i lick the spoon? THe questions never stop. Either way, I can't complain. They are too cute and love having them around. These pictures are from the last few weeks...

Usually they are good.

But if I'm not paying attention...

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Happy Birthday Noah

There is nothing better than baking cupcakes for people I know. Especially when they are kids. And especially when I get to do a fun theme. These are the reasons I love Hello Cupcake! Days when I'm tired from working all day, then come home to work in the kitchen for hours, I have to remind myself of days like today...when I get to back for people I know...and I'm reminded why all of the long days are worth it.

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600 cupcakes. That was my week. No pictures of the cupcakes baking...but I did take a picture of the 50 batches of buttercream frosting. Yes, 50 batches. I could not lift these tubs when they were full.

I put them together in 4-pack boxes (150 of them to be exact), tied with ribbon, and packed in boxes!

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Wedding Shower Luau

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Sunday, April 3

Jordyn Renee turns 19

My little sister turned 19 this week. 19? Really? That is really hard to believe...and makes me feel older than saying my own age.

We had a party for her Friday night, complete with a Hello Kitty theme, a delicious dinner, presents and a homemade cake! I made the cake, of course. If you know Jordyn, you know that she knows EXACTLY what she wants...and her birthday cake was no different. I made her request....and here are a few pictures:

And the best part..............

I usually only put pictures on here that relate to cupcakes/cookies/cakes...but I thought I'd share a few from Friday night....

The little guy...that's Gunner! He came over to celebrate :)

Happy Birthday Jord :) 

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