Saturday, June 19

A Luau First Birthday Party!!


This is a jumbo cupcake...and I LOVE it!



Monogrammed Cookies and Cupcake Picks

These were for a wedding shower...I LOVE how the cupcake picks and cookies coordinate. [As a side note, these cupcakes were chocolate with peanut butter/cream cheese filling, and topped with peanut butter frosting.........they are incredible! I don't even eat cupcakes anymore (unless I'm taste testing)....and I gained weight this week eating the peanut butter frosting with a spoon!]

Baseball and New Boxes!

It's sad how excited I get over new boxes. I FINALLY ordered boxes that hold 2 dozen cupcakes. This baseball order was PERFECT for the new boxes!

And cookies to match...

Friday, June 11

Hello Cupcake! Changes....

It's been almost 8 months since I started Hello Cupcake! Every week I'm challenged with new orders and ideas....and I'm loving it!! Starting next week....

Hello Cupcake! will now offer boxes of 4 cupcakes!!! The boxes look exactly like the standard dozen box, just smaller. Each box is $5 and can contain only 1 flavor cupcake. These make PERFECT gifts!
A dozen cupcakes will still be $15; however, there will no discount for buying two dozen.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

New Baby :)

What better way to welcome a baby into the world than with a plate of cookies!?!

Happy 50th!

I LOVE cookies made into numbers! Cookies are great because they travel well and don't need to be refrigerated!

Tuesday, June 8

Ryle Graduation!

This past weekend was Ryle's graduation....and I was definitely busy! Some general Ryle cupcakes looked like this...

This weekend was also special because my little sister graduated! I am so proud and excited for her next four years at UK! Here are some pictures of her graduation celebration. I can't take all of the was a joint effort with my mom :)

Congrats Jordyn Renee!