Tuesday, December 29

Merry Christmas to Hello Cupcake!

WOW! What a Christmas?!? I had to share some of the adorable gifts I received this year. Everyone was so thoughtful and supportive to me AND Hello Cupcake!

I didn't even know cupcake stationary existed. Much to my suprise...I now have an entire set! There are also matching pads of paper and recipe cards (not pictured).

I am SOOOO excited about this paper! I love it!

Oven mitts and towels:

Single cupcake carrier. Haven't tried this yet...not sure how a cupcake will look AFTER being smushed in this little case...

OK, so this really isn't cupcake related...but it's cute and I'm sure I'll use it for taking orders (since I don't have an office).

Throw pillow (again, I don't have anywhere to put it....yet)

Spatulas. Well, online I thought these were "standard" size...ALWAYS read the fine print. These are of no use since they are TINY (this picture is deceiving). I'll still probably keep them becuase they are so cute!

APRONS! I received THREE different aprons for Christmas and I LOVE them all!

Cupcake liners. These were a fun suprise. I envision hot pink or red icing...

And last, my biggest suprise.... a KitchenAid Professional 610 Stand Mixer! (No picture yet b/c I am exchanging it for a different color.) I had NO IDEA about this and I can't wait to use it!

I was also fortunate enough to get giftcards to Fantasy in Frosting and Michaels! Thanks to everyone for their kind and thoughtful gifts!


Wednesday, December 23

NKU Graduation

NKU's graduation was this past weekend. It was a fun and exciting time...and of course...I had to make cupcakes to celebrate!

Tuesday, December 15

A Hello Cupcake Christmas Collage!!!

If Hello Cupcake! had a Christmas card (which I didn't get around to this year)......this is what it would look like:

Merry Christmas!

More Christmas Orders!

Some of these may look familiar. Just wanted to show you what I've been working on the last few days...

Customized Cupcakes for your Business...

How cute are these??? I customized the picks for an order for an employee of CSX.

Saturday, December 12


Mini cupcakes have not been very popular. I just wanted to show some pictures....they make great gifts and a perfect for parties!

Holiday assortment: chocolate (filled with peanut butter cream cheese, topped with milk chocolate frosting), gingerbread (topped with cinnamon cream cheese) and marachino cherry (topped with cherry cream cheese)...

Marachino cherry and coconut almond...

More Christmas Flavors!

Here are the first pictures of my newest holiday flavors....marachino cherry and coconut almond!

Another Birthday...

Part-time Helper

Oh Addison...my favorite little helper. She loves to stand (holding herself up by my pants) the ENTIRE time I'm in the kitchen. Just thought I'd share how cute she is...

Figuring out how to un-wrap the cupcake (it didn't take long):

And then, of course, the whole thing goes in her mouth:

I'm so glad my mom watches her every week :) I'll definitely be putting her to work when she gets older!

Saturday, December 5

More Christmas Pictures

I'm trying to make every Christmas order different...I love innovating and trying new decorating techniques. These are pictures from orders this weekend...

And last, my FAVORITES!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's a boy! Baby Shower Cupcakes

These were fun!