Monday, June 6

Meet Celia.

While this post eventually relates to cupcakes, I have to preface the cupcakes with some background information.

Meet Celia.

I've known Celia for nearly 15 years. We rode the bus together in elementary school. We danced together for the Gatorettes dance team. Meet the Gray Gatorettes captain and 2nd lieutenant (I think). Believe it or not, even these sparkly costumes, we actually thought we were cool.

We laughed uncontrollably together. We spent birthdays of those being a Celine Dion concert! Yes, we are a select few that have seen Celine LIVE in concert.

We went to the mall...and on $10, could eat and find something we HAD TO HAVE at Claire's. We went to Ground Round. We went to movies. We even got in the wrong man's car once after a movie. This story is funny, but probably would not translate that way if I tried to tell the whole ordeal. We were on the Speech and Drama team. We played piano together....too many piano inside jokes to explain.

Our mom's are friends, and we forced our siblings to be friends.

(this is one of my favorite pictures)

We babysat together. For two intelligent people, we made stupid decisions together. I'm not ashamed to say that we put cheese...on a toaster.....and then tried to hide it.

(please excuse my pants...I have no words for them)
 We analyzed middle school boys together. We got in trouble in high school for talking too much in Biology. We grew into different people in high school. We had different interests, different hobbies, different friends...but still remained close.

I'd do anything in the world for Celia, and I know with confidence she would do the same for me. So, last weekend, as we celebrated her wedding, I had to stop and reflect on our friendship. We live hours apart...and its amazing how we can catch up within minutes of seeing each other.

Celia, I couldn' t be any happier for you. I can't wait for the real celebration in September.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the cupcakes...

post signaturePS: Only celia will understand this...

(can't believe I kept this)

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