Sunday, May 22

Mother's Day

I know I'm late...a lot late. I'm a bad daughter. I didn't do a mother's day post on the actual day like everyone else. That definitely doesn't mean we didn't celebrate though. We had a mother's day weekend that ended with a family dinner.....grilled hot dogs, real potato salad, beans, and cupcakes for dessert. MMMMMMM!

Mom got flowers, a gift card to buy more flowers (that's what she wanted), and a charm for her Pandora bracelet. 

The flowers were from The Secret Garden (I highly recommend). The cupcakes were german her request. This was the first time I have made them and they turned out okay. Here is a close up...

What can I say about my mom?!? She's my bestie, my BFF. We shop, we eat, we watch TV, we make fun of each other. 

And just because I feel I should include the OTHER daughter...I'll put one with Jord in it too. haha. Happy Mothers Day!

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