Monday, January 30

My New Toy (and Valentines cookies)

I'd love to say I am so good at cookie decorating that this is easy:

Yes...that's Hello Kitty...on a cookie...and I MADE IT!!!! 

I hate to tell my secrets...but I have to give credit where credit it due. Meet my new KopyKake Projector.

It is essentially a light projector that projects images on cookies, cakes, etc. I can put any image in the projector, and then trace that image on the cookie. TECHNICALLY, I'm still doing all the work...just with some help. Most people ask if the KopyKake decorates the cookie. That makes me laugh. I still have to do all the work :)

This is the most I've enjoyed decorating cupcakes/cookies in a LONG TIME. I get to do something new, something creative...which makes updating my blog MUCH more fun. Most of my orders are repeat/copies from other I don't upload most of my pictures.

In honor of Valentines Day....this is how I spent my week (besides me real job, of course). I'm hoping to get Valentine cookie orders so I can work more with my KopyKake projector.

(This is for you, Jord)

Valentine cookies.... a dozen variety for $20. I will do an assortment of different shapes and Valentines designs, and decorate with pink, red and white. I can incorporate names as well! Order NOW!

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